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Bryn Keith Ambassador Spotlight

I am a video editor for the Disney Entertainment Company. The attire in the office is very casual, jeans, tshirt, or hoodie. Only on special occasions where employees are asked to dress nice.

I am usually behind the camera taking portraits for Bryn Keith but for the first time I was the person in front of the camera. I asked my wife to take portraits of me in the amazing blazer that Byrn Keith personally designed for me.

Just be yourself. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Love yourself, be who you are and be your best for yourself and not for others.

Laid back, chill and go with the flow.

A pair of Jordan 1 Highs in the bred colorway.

I don’t regret anything. Decisions are made for a reason and there is no point in looking back at those decisions or regrets. Just shake it off and move on with your life. No need to beat yourself over regrets.

Shower, breakfast and reruns of Fresh Prince of Bel Air

In bed with my iPad catching up on shows.

Any causes that involve human rights.

Being surrounded by people that love you for who you are and not judge you by the decisions you make. Enjoying life with the people you love.

Being happy with what you have. Not worrying about what you need and what you wish you had.

Playing the guitar. It would be nice to pick up a guitar and start playing and singing along to your favorite songs.

Maui, because it’s a place filled with generous people and love.

Home, I like to keep things simple yet delicious- dumplings and chicken noodle soup.

I’m an attorney, professor and advocate. Professionally, I dress to command a room and advocate for my clients.

I don’t think I have a professional persona, per se. I’m the same person at home and play as I am at work. And I’m proud of that.

I’m an advocate, a ride-or-die friend, a zealous participant in life, a connector.

Been nice to myself when I didn’t meet my own expectations. (and enthusiastically said yes to a photo shoot!)

I told a friend who’s struggling with an impending big birthday to embrace it. Getting older is better than the alternative and a privilege not everyone gets.

My interior design style is industrial chic. Metals, reclaimed wood and high-end fabrics…as it turns out, I think that’s my personal style as well. Beautiful suits, concert t-shirts and jeans.

Art (of all kinds e.g. music, theater, food, wine), education, and health.

My financial advisor will say I don’t regret not buying things because if I want something I get it. That’s why I work as hard as I do.

Going to Portugal for my 50th birthday golf trip. It was rescheduled because of Covid and then I just didn’t go.

Smile meditation for ten minutes ending with my 3 year old nephew Louie’s morning shout-out “hey guys, I’m back!” and work out.

YouTube reaction videos or a deep dive on a musical artist I love and a glass of wine.

Be as brave in your personal life as you are in your professional life.

So many. The empowerment of women has been huge since I was a kid raised by a single Mother, but particularly because of the last few years. I strive to be an ally and recognize and use my privilege to help and empower others. Advocating for others is part of my DNA.

Surrounded by family and friends, eating good food, drinking good wine, listening to good music and laughing until we cry.

Being an expert in my field and using that expertise to advocate for my clients and my colleagues. Having the financial capacity to help my family.

Winemaking. Getting into the dirt and vines and making magic.

I love both – but post-covid, I’m ready to rejoin the world. Jaleo was my first “splurge” as a young adult. It has remained my favorite restaurant in DC. José Andres got to DC just a couple years before me. The fact that he’s become such an extraordinary human being and advocate with World Central Kitchen and his advocacy for immigrants, has only made my loyalty stronger. I love all his restaurants, but Jaleo is the never-fail favorite. Favorite dish – the Magic Bread! Well, we call it the Magic Bread. The actual name is pan de cristal con tomate. It’s literally “ethereal bread” brushed with fresh tomato. But it will change your life. Throw in some manchego and iberico jamon with an amazing glass of Spanish wine and I’m in heaven.

I define what I do as being a technical liaison. I learn as much as I can about different positions in the federal and commercial spaces. Then I discuss the qualifications and requirements to match the right professionals to their ideal role.

I define what I do as being a technical liaison. I learn as much as I can about different positions in the federal and commercial spaces. Then I discuss the qualifications and requirements to match the right professionals to their ideal role.

I got a boat in Georgetown, and rode around the Potomac for the first time. I really enjoyed the trip, food, weather, and the company was great! I didn’t think that I’d be so relaxed.

I told one of my friends that if they choose to be around individuals that have an inflated sense of self that they should set boundaries, and stand firm on them.

I would describe my style as conditional. My outfits are always planned around my mood or different events. It ranges between graphic T-shirts that display old hip-hop artists, to swanky blazer dresses (which is the nicest article of clothing I own).

Something that is worth paying for is an item or experience that provides you with happiness, comfort, or something that makes you feel proud.

The most recent thing I regret not purchasing is a plane ticket. I am long overdue for a vacation.

Something I regret not doing is being honest about how certain situations have made me feel. I am optimistic to a fault at times, and try to see the good in everyone/ everything.

I start my day in the worst way, I shamelessly check my phone! I go through my messages, emails, Instagram, Tiktok, etc… I chalk it all up to getting updated on hard news, and journalism (lol).

I typically end my day talking to loved ones or friends. I also set my intentions for the next day, then begin counting sheep.

I wish I followed any advice that would have gotten me to be more open to the opportunities that scared me the most when I was growing up.

A few causes that are important to me are funding for education, funding for historically black colleges/ universities, women’s reproductive rights, the alarming number of missing black girls and women, and the housing crisis etc…

I think happiness ranges from contentment to fulfillment. Sometimes you just need things to be okay, and that works for that situation. Other times you need a lot more to feel like your goal was achieved.

I believe that success is a process. I think there is always something that people are trying to achieve, and once they have, they’ve found success. I think that there are many obstacles on the road to success, but the avenues that you take to get out of the pitfalls would also count as a success.

A skill that I want to learn is how to work for myself, and to be able to sustain it.

If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be on vacation in Maldives.

I would choose to go to a restaurant. I don’t have a restaurant in mind, but I can pinpoint it to New York City. From what I can tell there is something that is always new, fresh, and exciting. I would be sharing this meal with my dad, I think I am finally ready to hear some of that paramount advice.

I am someone who is still trying to figure out their purpose

Like the great philosopher, Deion Sanders once said: “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good.” As a business consultant, it is important that my attire reflects my approach. Intentional, bold, and refined.

Become a student of the subtle art of negotiation.

Semi-formal / Street / Minimalist

Things that bring you joy.

Going to the Howard vs Morehouse game at Metlife.

With my daughters.

Buy into oil and gas stocks at the end of 2021.

Removing barriers to entry for BIPOC people into the Cannabis industry.

Being in a position to uplift the people around you.

Like the great philosopher, Deion Sanders once said: “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good.” As a business consultant, it is important that my attire reflects my approach. Intentional, bold, and refined.

I haven’t actually done it yet, but I will be doing it for the first time in March 2022… 2023.

Heli-skiing!  My 2 closest buddies and I chartered a plane to fly from Vail to Telluride, CO this past March.  The plan was to hop on a helicopter that would take us skiing where you can’t normally go.  I’ve been skiing since I was a kid and I’ve always dreamt of skiing where few had ever been. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and we’ve rescheduled for this coming March.  This has been on my bucket list of things to do and I am so psyched about it!

Work hard, play hard…

Classy/Conservative with a bit of swag!!

A nice vacation – especially the hotel you choose.

More watches – especially Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet.  For many years now, I’ve helped my clients acquire rare timepieces, and it’s insane to see how difficult it is to get one now – not to mention how much they’ve appreciated in the past 10 years, despite the recent changes in the market.

Spending more time with my wife and kids.  My daughters are at an age where they’re changing so much and so fast.  If you blink for a second – you might just miss it.

I wake up between 4:30-5am and I work out for about an hour.  And from about 6-7am – I have a big cup of coffee and I tackle work that requires a lot of peace and quiet.  It’s crazy how productive I can be without phones ringing and constant interruptions.  And from about 7-8am, that’s when my wife and I prepare our kids lunches and get them ready for school.

When I get home from work, it’s dinner and family time.  With me being away for the majority of the day, it’s very important that we sit down at the table and catch up.  After dinner, I usually get about an hour to hang out with the kids and be silly with them.  According to my girls, I’m the best ice cream scooper on the planet and they know they can milk me for all the sweets that they can get!  Then the bedtime routine begins (bath, books and putting them down).  Finally when they’re in bed, it’s quality time with my wife.  During the pandemic, we found our new passion – binge watching.  We’ve cruised through about 10-15 shows that we have watched together and it’s something nice that we can both look forward to.

Save more and spend less…  An old financial adviser once said to me that “there are 2 types of people in this world – Spenders & Savers.  Which one are you?”  I’ve aged, I’ve tried to be more of the latter but I do love great experiences and the finer things in life…

Equality and Diversity.  My family immigrated to this country about 40 years ago because of atrocities related to genocide.  We left everything behind because our people were being killed simply because we were different.  But when we set foot in this amazing and beautiful country, we saw that people of different backgrounds (race, religion and creed) could co-exist and thrive.  So when I see people being mistreated just because they’re different, it breaks my heart.

Being comfortable and surrounded by the ones you love…

Whether it would be personal or professional – setting short and longer term goals and achieving them.

I love music and I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano or the acoustic guitar.

This is a tough question…  It’s a toss up between 3 places – Italy, Santa Barbara, CA, or Turks and Caicos.  But all 3 are places that I can find respite and peace (and also eat really well)!

I absolutely love food- all food!  I exercise so I can eat more.  One of the greatest pleasures of life is eating great food!  But I do love home cooking!  Lol – if I said otherwise, my wife would probably stop cooking for me…  My wife and I do enjoy a great steak and a good bottle of wine.

For almost 21 years, I’ve owned a fine jewelry store.  I take great pride in helping my clients acquire exquisite and fine pieces, so I feel that it’s very important to look polished and refined.  If you look and feel good, you exude confidence and it shows.  Someone once said to me, “If you’re selling a beautiful work of art, you should not look like you fell out of bed.”

Carefree and silly!  When I’m at work, which is the majority of the time, I have to be a problem solver, decision maker and the stress levels are pretty high.  But when I’m away from work, I need to decompress and unwind.  I just want to have fun, laugh and not worry about little things.  It’s important for me to be able to hit the reset button when I’m “off” and then when it’s time to grind again, I’m ready and refreshed.

A father, a husband, and a leader.  I absolutely adore my wife and my 2 girls.  Being a father and husband is the #1 most important thing to me.  I get up and grind day in and day out so that they can be comfortable and enjoy some of the finer things in life.  Equally so, it’s very important to me that I teach my kids the things that will make them better human beings – respect, humility, kindness, and hard work.

I am constantly trying to learn new things. My latest fixation has been artisan soapmaking – my favorite part has been creating fragrance blends and learning how they change as the soap batter saponifies and cures. Current goal: create a scent that evokes the feeling of the kind of old, worn-down tavern that most Dungeons and Dragons campaigns start their first session in. Looking at a cedarwood, bourbon, tobacco and vanilla combination, at the moment.

For better or for worse, legal advice regarding a divorce – always sad to see a friend going through a difficult time, but grateful to have the education and experience to provide guidance when it is needed.

Leather-jacket chic? Don’t think that’s a real style but it evokes an image that I think is pretty accurate to my daily clothing and accessory choices. I also love unusual jewelry – linked lapel pins I think are such a fantastic way to give a button-down blouse a unique spin, and a great opportunity to show a little personality.

Artisan work – part of it comes from personal bias, but I will always go to an independent creator before anyone else when making certain purchases. Art, jewelry, and especially specialty foodstuff I always try to get from local businesses and small artists. Blood Orange Balsamic vinaigrette. Raspberry whipped honey spread. A portrait of my husband and I in our Captain America and Wonder Woman garb. My engagement ring, created by my husband and a local jeweler to be perfectly tailored to my tastes and preferences. There’s nothing better.

Ironically, one of the offerings by a small independent artist that I normally advocate so strongly for. I didn’t feel like I could justify spending the money on a commissioned art piece from them and hesitated to take a commission slot when it was available. By the time I changed my mind, those reservations had been filled. I’m fortunate to be able to watch their creative journey and see them thriving though!

Stealing more time away – we were all the way out in Jackson Hole for a wedding recently and found ourselves in a beautiful little town beside the Grand Tetons. It was gorgeous and serene, and I genuinely wish we had taken a few more days to just enjoy the opportunity we had to be there. Living on the outskirts of a big city like D.C., it’s easy to forget how marvelous the world around us is, and that there’s more in life than building a career.

I am not a morning person. I wake up, suit up, and grab a protein shake on my way out the door.

Depends on the day! Several times a week getting home from work is immediately followed by a gym session, a quick dinner, and hopping into a voice chat with friends or family to play games together. Any other downtime is spent crafting and creating, keeping the gears of our small business turning while we work on expanding.

I preach about the importance of work-life balance to others all the time but very seldom follow it myself. I’m working on being kinder to myself and allowing myself to rest more.

The world we live in now has evolved into such a strange place. There isn’t enough compassion between people, and the things that get prioritized in the media and in congress all seem to focus on the dire situations between people fighting over their beliefs and personal values. There isn’t enough attention on the state of the planet, and not enough people are listening to the voices of the communities that were its stewards for so many centuries before the colonization of the land.

I think it’s different for everyone. To me, happiness is creating a circle of people and loved ones that bring joy into your life and bringing that with you every day. Even more so if you can bring that joy to your workplace and do something that you’re passionate about – I’m a strong believer in the sentiment that it isn’t work if you’re able to do what you love.

I think a lot of people tie the idea of success up in their careers, and the monetary value of the work that they do and what investments they make in their lifetime. I think that now, especially after enduring years of a global pandemic, success is a measure of how much you as a person have made connections and grown so that you can adapt to any situation and still come out on the other side just fine. Jobs can come and go, possessions can be lost in a multitude of ways, but you and the person that you’ve become is everything that you have at the end of the day.

Blacksmithing. I always tell people that if I had gone to a trade school instead of college, I would have loved to become a blacksmith.

Somewhere quiet, tucked away in the woods on a mountain somewhere. The idea of waking up in the morning to a cup of tea and a gorgeous mountain view sounds like the most amazing thing in the world.

Home cooked meal for sure, much to my husband’s chagrin. He’s a great cook and I love helping him pick the flavors and spices for a meal, we just never seem to have the time to cook together like we used to.

I’m a legal professional in Arlington, Virginia by day, but by night my husband and I have been building and creating a small creative business making and selling tabletop gaming accessories under the name Decus Dice (though we are working on more than just dice nowadays).

A really big nerd, fortunate enough to be married to another big nerd who helps make it possible to have a regular job, run a small business, and still be involved with our family, friends, and community consistently. I am never not busying myself with something, and I find a lot of joy in creating – whether it’s a new product, a new dice design, drawing up graphics to use on merchandise, or stealing away time to build the newest version of Wonder Woman armor to wear. We pack our weeknights with gaming nights with the family, tabletop games with friends, and on the weekends when there isn’t a pandemic, . we’ve been known to volunteer to show up in costume at local events to bring joy to families by surprising children in the area. On the rare occasions when I’m not keeping busy, I try to stay caught up on a couple different comic book series and catch up on the backlog of video games that I want to play but haven’t had the time.

A creative trying to make a difference for people struggling with the legal system.

“Take half now, wait an hour, THEN decide if you want to take another half…”

Grateful Meditation

Grateful Meditation

You Can’t Trust a Big Butt and a Smile

Empowering and educating young kids about technology and entrepreneurship.

Teaching compassion

Home – a nice turkey bacon, spinach and mushroom omelet with a stack of blueberry pancakes

My job (CEO of a software company) is NOT the reason I wear great clothes. Dressing well speaks to my appreciation of beauty and refinement and ensures I don’t shame my Mama’s Good Name when I step out into these streets.

I’m a powerful, energetic being manifested on this physical plane as a double-barreled, rocket propelled dynamo of good will, love, progressive vision and empowerment for all people.

Switched jobs! I wanted to try something new and learn and made a big career change to consulting.

Be yourself and be bold. Nobody else is who you are.

A combination of quirky but classic. I love bright colors, but also have an appreciation for simplicity!

Something you really like. Period. Why make money if we don’t spend it?

Nothing.  I buy what I want. That’s why I work so hard 🙂

Letting my dogs out then, coffee and sitting in silence before the craziness begins.

With some nice alone time decompressing, breathing in, and sometimes by watching some mindless TV.

I wish I was able to follow my own advice of being bold and being yourself earlier in life.

Animal Rescue. #adoptdontshop or don’t talk to me 🙂

We have 4 dogs and 2 cats! All rescues. My sweet baby angels (most days). One day, we hope to get involved in fostering again. Shawnna (my wifey) wants a million senior chihuahuas. We will see if that happens LOL. Fostering is my personal favorite because you get to save them from a potential terrible situation and they are so grateful for you and then you get to help them find their forever home! Super rewarding.

Enjoying nature and allowing your stress to be nonexistent.

Feeling like you have accomplished what is important to you at the end of your life or even at the end of the day.

Sometimes I really want to learn a new language (sign language specifically). I lived on H street in DC and was exposed to more sign language than ever before in my life! The pandemic and the masks and inability for people to lip read made me realize I would really love to know sign language. I feel like folks sometimes forget this is a language you can learn, whether or not you have the ability to hear.

A remote island with all my animals and loved ones on the beach

Home (the less I leave my house the better) – a nice evening grillin with my wife! Grilling is always the way to go, I get to be OUTSIDE (my fave place) and it’s simple. I love simple things. Grilling some burgers (vegan and real meat), with a choice of bun (gluten free v regular) and then some veggies! Me and Shawnna both have very specific dietary restrictions and grilling is “build it on your own” which works VERY well for our special diets!

I’m a consultant by day, but who doesn’t like to show up looking sharp to any occasion? I wanted Bryn Keith clothing so I had nice duds that truly fit!

I’m a trans man. I’m Latino. I’m an animal rescue advocate, a dog and cat dad. A husband. A brother. An ally. I’m someone just looking to live their best life.

I placed a deposit on a new Mercedes GLE.  Though the global chip shortage is causing manufacturing delays for automakers, my fingers are crossed that my SUV will be assembled and delivered on schedule – by my birthday in December!  This will be my first SUV, first Mercedes and therefore, my first AMG variant!  I’m really looking forward to it!

You’re running out of runway. Pull the nose up, or don’t, but hurry up and make a decision!

I wear what makes me feel good – sweats, suits, jeans, blazer, button down, polo, and occasionally something with a little unique element to it.  Not sure what style that is.  (shoulder-shrug)

Anything that you won’t regret later.  Start with a bespoke suit!

I regret not buying more call options on MRNA (at a strike price anywhere below $350) – back in late July!  Take a look at the chart, you’ll see what I mean.

I regret not taking my bachelor party to Iceland.  Why didn’t I do that?!?

Oof, long answer, but here goes.  Most mornings, it’s about parent duty – I awaken the toddler boss between 7:00 and 7:15am.  She’s like a little bear coming out of hibernation – a grumpy lil thing.  So, it’s all about setting the right energy with one of her favorite songs by The Singing Walrus (YouTube channel) or from Disney’s Frozen or Moana. With a little luck, my wife and I get the ‘mini-us’ through brushing teeth and dressed for the day without (much) resistance!  Oh, the small victories! Following the morning toddler routine, I wish my wife a great day and THEN, and only then, do I turn my attention to myself and what I need to accomplish in my day. First up is a HIIT session in the home gym (guest bedroom suite in the basement) to get the body charged and the mind in the right headspace. My soundtrack?  Hip hop – Rick Ross, Jeezy, Yo Gotti!  Time to work the room: Station 1): dumbbells and the Helm for chest and arms, 2) the bench for abs and core, 3) the Versys – my punching bag, and finally 4) my Concept2RowErg for serious CAR-DI-O!  Woo!  1x done – now a minute-thirty of rest.  Alright, now go again but increase the time at each station by 30 seconds!  Repeat 2 more times!  30-45 minutes later, I’m lying on the mat, trying to catch my breath!  While I take that minute or two to rest the body, my mind shifts to work.  What’s on the schedule – calls? presentation? demo meeting?  Time to get cleaned up and dressed.  I get into clothes that help elevate my confidence, energy and focus!  This is how I start my day, most days.  Normal stuff.

After family dinner, it’s time to clean the kitchen while my wife gets the toddler through the Four B’s – bath, brushing teeth, books and bedtime.  When the first three are done, I head to her room to offer the little princess goodnight hugs and kisses. Mommy stays for the fall asleep part.  I make my way down to the lab (home office), accompanied by a glass of red wine, to decompress, research stocks or to catch up on a little work. Either way, it’s about peace and quiet, while strategizing and planning my next move.

Hmm…I should have listened.  No really, when I was in my twenties and thirties, I had a lot of advice I wish I had followed.  Now in my late forties, the list of advice I wish I had followed, is very short or zero.  Why? How?  Great questions.  I recognize that good advice is a dividend you’re paid by surrounding yourself with good people.  (I think I just coined a phrase.) That said, the example set by the person giving the advice has to be, in a word, impressive.  If you’re a respected business executive (Sir Richard Branson), or someone who has given a Ted Talk (Amy Cuddy, Simon Sinek), chances are that I’ll listen to and follow your advice.  If you’re a close friend and there is congruence between your actions (you’re married) and your words (saying to someone they should get married) and your example (you have a loving and truly awesome marriage), I’ll listen to your advice. Follow? Probably.  Yes, maybe.

Let’s start with an easy one – one I call ‘Vaccination Veracity.’  No political slant, just science-based facts…from Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the FDA. Let’s trust these experts, people so we can get #BacktoNormal2022!

Feeling pretty damn secure in all areas of life.

Being able to check the following three boxes, if you will:

  • Planned it, 
  • Scheduled it and 
  • Did it and enjoyed it – whatever it is.

Spycraft …and the debonair edge of one Mr. Idris Elba.

My wife would want me to say, “Italy.”  So, I will.  But, scroll up.

In a nutshell, I am a steward of my company’s reputation (and demonstrator of my company’s representations).  I sell software. In meetings with legal professionals, IT experts and executives, my words detail the capabilities of our technology and expertise of our people, and they inform on my years of experience in the industry, while my appearance provides a visual complement to the voiceover.  Dressing well helps me to present well – I feel prepared, confident and focused in front of my audience.  Besides that, I just like it.

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