Bryn Keith

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is fairly straightforward. Every client is an extension of the very first ones we made clothes for that spread the word- when we weren’t quite sure we were ready yet. That said we care about each of our clients as if they were our initial supporters with our future in their hands. We treat clients like family focused on creating an experience that’s as special as they are. We design, craft and deliver superior clothing with the client’s audience(s) in mind.  We design not just for the person sitting in front of us but the next best version of them… of you.

Our Founding Story

Bryn Johnson, Founder and CEO of Bryn Keith Clothing, started the company in 2005 simply to make clothes for himself, family and close friends. As this small circle started wearing his label, word quickly spread to their friends, their families and anyone who offered a compliment.

The driving theme behind the line was (and still is) quality custom clothes can and should be affordable. Forging a relationship with Bryn Keith is not just about the clothes- it is also about the experience. Taking the time to get to know each customer personally, in order to better serve them, is the Bryn Keith standard.

How We Work (FAQ)

Clothes made by Bryn Keith are custom, meaning each article is tailored to your specific measurements and tastes. When we make clothes they are crafted for you solely. Before you take your clothes home, we have 1 to 2 fittings to insure that any alterations necessary are made- at no charge to you. Retail garments are designed with a “one size fits many” perspective and styled to satisfy the masses. Retail stores often do not offer alteration services and if they do, customers usually pay additional fees for modifications.

There is no minimum order. Whether you are in the market for one shirt or one dozen suits, our goal, at Bryn Keith, is to make doing business with us as easy as possible.

After initial measurements, generally, you will not need to be measured again. There is, on occasion, reason to modify saved measurements, as necessary, for significant fluctuations in weight.

We tend to cycle new fabrics into our offerings 2-4 times a year. We do so to 1) keep in step with trends and fashion, for our customers who are interested in today’s and tomorrow’s styles- while keeping staple/ classic fabrics and patterns in rotation; and 2) maintain a fabric portfolio consistent with the seasons and changes in weather.

Clean them! It’s that simple. We have tested several shirt cleaning methods. We have washed them by hand, in the washing machine and even taken them to the dry cleaners. The best way to care for a Bryn Keith shirt, or any shirt for that matter, is to clean it after each wear, regardless of method, to keep the fabric fresh- avoid starch whenever possible.

There are several methods we can use to capture your measurements — which do not require you having to be within our general service areas.

At Bryn Keith we do what it takes to make doing business with us easy. We do what it takes to make your clothes right. 100% satisfaction is our goal with each customer relationship.

We do not share our client lists with anyone. Any information you share with us will not be shared or sold to any entity.

Standard orders are turned around in a 4-6 week timeframe. If your order needs to be received prior, just notify us at the time of order and we will work with you to meet that deadline.

All of our clothes are tailored in Hong Kong.

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