About Us

Our philosophy is fairly straightforward. Every client is an extension of the very first ones we made clothes for that spread the word- when we weren’t quite sure we were ready yet. That said we care about each of our clients as if they were our initial supporters with our future in their hands. We treat clients like family focused on creating an experience that’s as special as they are. We design, craft and deliver superior clothing with the client’s audience(s) in mind. We design not just for the person sitting in front of us but the next best version of them… of you.

How We Work

The Consultation

The initial meeting is critical.  Not as much pressure as a first date yet equally important. In this session, we will take the time to get to know you, the audience(s) …

Fabric Selection

At Bryn Keith, we pride ourselves on one of the most extensive fabric selections in the DC Metro! We source fabrics from some of the best and well known mills in the world- Dormeuil, Loro Piana…


As much as professional measurements are an exact science, it is also an art. We take exhaustive measurements to ensure a great fit. Beyond that, we discuss how you wear your clothes…


Our clients are as involved in the design process as you want to be.  We consider everything from custom features on suit and sport jackets, slacks, skirts, overcoats and the shirts we make…

Final Touches

When your garment(s) arrive, we will press all suiting in preparation for your fitting. We will schedule an appointment to have you return and try on each piece to ensure the fit is as close to perfect as possible…


Effective testimonials increase your conversion rates. What are the benefits? They build trust by acting as a third-party endorsement, triggering the conformity bias, also known as the bandwagon effect…

Bryn Keith Ambassador Spotlight

Switched jobs! I wanted to try something new and learn and made a big career change to consulting.

Be yourself and be bold. Nobody else is who you are.

A combination of quirky but classic. I love bright colors, but also have an appreciation for simplicity!

Something you really like. Period. Why make money if we don’t spend it?

Nothing.  I buy what I want. That’s why I work so hard 🙂

Letting my dogs out then, coffee and sitting in silence before the craziness begins.

With some nice alone time decompressing, breathing in, and sometimes by watching some mindless TV.

I wish I was able to follow my own advice of being bold and being yourself earlier in life.

Animal Rescue. #adoptdontshop or don’t talk to me 🙂

We have 4 dogs and 2 cats! All rescues. My sweet baby angels (most days). One day, we hope to get involved in fostering again. Shawnna (my wifey) wants a million senior chihuahuas. We will see if that happens LOL. Fostering is my personal favorite because you get to save them from a potential terrible situation and they are so grateful for you and then you get to help them find their forever home! Super rewarding.

Enjoying nature and allowing your stress to be nonexistent.

Feeling like you have accomplished what is important to you at the end of your life or even at the end of the day.

Sometimes I really want to learn a new language (sign language specifically). I lived on H street in DC and was exposed to more sign language than ever before in my life! The pandemic and the masks and inability for people to lip read made me realize I would really love to know sign language. I feel like folks sometimes forget this is a language you can learn, whether or not you have the ability to hear.

A remote island with all my animals and loved ones on the beach

Home (the less I leave my house the better) – a nice evening grillin with my wife! Grilling is always the way to go, I get to be OUTSIDE (my fave place) and it’s simple. I love simple things. Grilling some burgers (vegan and real meat), with a choice of bun (gluten free v regular) and then some veggies! Me and Shawnna both have very specific dietary restrictions and grilling is “build it on your own” which works VERY well for our special diets!

I’m a consultant by day, but who doesn’t like to show up looking sharp to any occasion? I wanted Bryn Keith clothing so I had nice duds that truly fit!

I’m a trans man. I’m Latino. I’m an animal rescue advocate, a dog and cat dad. A husband. A brother. An ally. I’m someone just looking to live their best life.

I placed a deposit on a new Mercedes GLE. Though the global chip shortage is causing manufacturing delays for automakers, my fingers are crossed that my SUV will be assembled and delivered on schedule – by my birthday in December! This will be my first SUV, first Mercedes and therefore, my first AMG variant! I’m really looking forward to it!

You’re running out of runway. Pull the nose up, or don’t, but hurry up and make a decision!

I wear what makes me feel good – sweats, suits, jeans, blazer, button down, polo, and occasionally something with a little unique element to it. Not sure what style that is. (shoulder-shrug)

Anything that you won’t regret later. Start with a bespoke suit!

I regret not buying more call options on MRNA (at a strike price anywhere below $350) – back in late July! Take a look at the chart, you’ll see what I mean.

I regret not taking my bachelor party to Iceland. Why didn’t I do that?!?

Oof, long answer, but here goes. Most mornings, it’s about parent duty – I awaken the toddler boss between 7:00 and 7:15am.  She’s like a little bear coming out of hibernation – a grumpy lil thing.  So, it’s all about setting the right energy with one of her favorite songs by The Singing Walrus (YouTube channel) or from Disney’s Frozen or Moana. With a little luck, my wife and I get the ‘mini-us’ through brushing teeth and dressed for the day without (much) resistance!  Oh, the small victories! Following the morning toddler routine, I wish my wife a great day and THEN, and only then, do I turn my attention to myself and what I need to accomplish in my day. First up is a HIIT session in the home gym (guest bedroom suite in the basement) to get the body charged and the mind in the right headspace. My soundtrack?  Hip hop – Rick Ross, Jeezy, Yo Gotti!  Time to work the room: Station 1): dumbbells and the Helm for chest and arms, 2) the bench for abs and core, 3) the Versys – my punching bag, and finally 4) my Concept2RowErg for serious CAR-DI-O!  Woo!  1x done – now a minute-thirty of rest.  Alright, now go again but increase the time at each station by 30 seconds!  Repeat 2 more times!  30-45 minutes later, I’m lying on the mat, trying to catch my breath!  While I take that minute or two to rest the body, my mind shifts to work.  What’s on the schedule – calls? presentation? demo meeting?  Time to get cleaned up and dressed.  I get into clothes that help elevate my confidence, energy and focus!  This is how I start my day, most days.  Normal stuff.

After family dinner, it’s time to clean the kitchen while my wife gets the toddler through the Four B’s – bath, brushing teeth, books and bedtime. When the first three are done, I head to her room to offer the little princess goodnight hugs and kisses. Mommy stays for the fall asleep part. I make my way down to the lab (home office), accompanied by a glass of red wine, to decompress, research stocks or to catch up on a little work. Either way, it’s about peace and quiet, while strategizing and planning my next move.

Hmm…I should have listened. No really, when I was in my twenties and thirties, I had a lot of advice I wish I had followed.  Now in my late forties, the list of advice I wish I had followed, is very short or zero.  Why? How?  Great questions.  I recognize that good advice is a dividend you’re paid by surrounding yourself with good people.  (I think I just coined a phrase.) That said, the example set by the person giving the advice has to be, in a word, impressive.  If you’re a respected business executive (Sir Richard Branson), or someone who has given a Ted Talk (Amy Cuddy, Simon Sinek), chances are that I’ll listen to and follow your advice.  If you’re a close friend and there is congruence between your actions (you’re married) and your words (saying to someone they should get married) and your example (you have a loving and truly awesome marriage), I’ll listen to your advice. Follow? Probably.  Yes, maybe.

Let’s start with an easy one – one I call ‘Vaccination Veracity.’ No political slant, just science-based facts…from Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the FDA. Let’s trust these experts, people so we can get #BacktoNormal2022!

Feeling pretty damn secure in all areas of life.

Being able to check the following three boxes, if you will:

  • Planned it,
  • Scheduled it and
  • Did it and enjoyed it – whatever it is.

Spycraft …and the debonair edge of one Mr. Idris Elba.

My wife would want me to say, “Italy.” So, I will. But, scroll up.

In a nutshell, I am a steward of my company’s reputation (and demonstrator of my company’s representations). I sell software. In meetings with legal professionals, IT experts and executives, my words detail the capabilities of our technology and expertise of our people, and they inform on my years of experience in the industry, while my appearance provides a visual complement to the voiceover. Dressing well helps me to present well – I feel prepared, confident and focused in front of my audience. Besides that, I just like it.

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