Sock it To Ya!

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When requested by a client, we will design an ensemble from head to toe and as such not only do we furbish the right shoes for look, we’ll also pair the right socks to complete the ensemble.  Whether the client is looking to blend in with those in the boardroom or planning to show a little bit of their creative side, we are as conservative or imaginative as you need for us to be in covering those ankles.

Dress socks can be crafted from numerous fabrics: cotton, nylon, polyester, nylon or acrylic.  In increasing softness and in some cases warmth considerations include: silk, cashmere, wool, mohair even bamboo.  Cotton socks are the least expensive and when woven with nylon or lycra make for a good dress sock as they tend to stretch yet are highly durable.  Wool socks are classics and help keep feet and toes warm on colder days.  The more precious the fabrics that comprise the sock, the more maintenance and perhaps less wear are required to extend their wearability.

In pairing socks with your wardrobe from a conservative perspective, match the dominant color of your slacks with your socks.  For instance, black slacks – black socks, brown slacks – brown socks, blue slacks… you get the idea.  For slacks lighter in color, pair socks that are tad bit darker than the suiting yet not as dark as the shoes being worn.  If you want to dip your toe in more creative waters, choose socks lighter hues or patterns. That said, brown slacks – light brown socks, charcoal grey slacks – pewter socks, navy slacks – light blue socks.  If that’s still a bit much, look for socks with a subtle pattern that incorporates both the dominant color yet has a pattern that incorporates complimentary colors giving a little pop.

If your goal is to wear a pair of socks that show you are creative and a bit stylish, the rule of thumb is to choose a sock with color(s) that pair nicely with something else in your ensemble above your belt.  Wearing a grey suit complemented by a shirt or accessories with purple accents (tie, pocket square, stripe or pattern in the shirt)?  Break out lavender colored socks. Wearing a navy suit/ slacks with red accents above the belt, nothing like pink socks to catch an eye or two.

While the above are mere baselines in working through pairing socks, there are some hard-fast rules that you should use to govern yourself:

1. If socks have a hole, trash it.
2. Do not pair intricately patterned slacks with equally intricate socks.
3. Never wear white socks with dress slacks… unless you’re in a Michael Jackson dance-off!

If you have a question or two about the above, please ask.  Whether you are a current client or shop elsewhere and want in independent ear, we are here to help.  Local to our shop or outside of the DC-Metro, we’re only a phone call away.