Shop for Your Body

Your body has a certain shape that should be considered when clothes shopping. Color aside; there are 3 key components that should drive your purchase. First, consider your body shape and take an honest look at yourself. Do you have broad shoulders? Rounded shoulders? Well-defined chest? Trim waist? Full Stomach? Next, think about what styled clothes work best for you. Are you lean and mean and want to show off that physique or are you referred to as Puddin, Teddy Bear, or Biscuit? Finally, consider appropriate fabrics and patterns. If your purchases have people complementing your homage to the 70’s, there is work to be done!

Athletic Build: Broad shoulders, full chest, trim waist, narrow hips ?? Keep your look sharp, uncluttered and simple. Italian styled suits are best for you because they show off your physique. Choose jackets with wider lapels, single or double-breasted. Your build allows for slacks with pleats (though that is a conversation all on it’s on ‘To Pleat or Not to Pleat’). Finely woven fabrics either plain or with patterns will work (light weight twill, finely worsted wool, etc.) Patterns are predicated on your overall scale, though, pinstripes, herringbones, houndstooth, Prince of Wales are good ones. Crisp shirts with a nice stiff collar are better suited for you.

Square Build: Straight/squared shoulders, straight torso, chest and waist measurements are close, flat stomach ??It’s all about proper fit. Choose clothes that are lean in styling and slightly tapered. British styled suits suit you best. Your height and proportions will determine single versus double-breasted jackets and lapel size. Pleated or flat front slacks are acceptable. The best fabrics for your build are worsted, twill, lightweight tweed, and mid-weight flannel. Patterns that work well are medium-weight stripes, bird’s eye, Prince of Wales, herringbone, and windowpanes. Lean cut shirts work best.

Rounded Build: Round shoulders, wide neck, waist measures larger than chest, full stomach ??Think carefully about fabrics. American cut suits with relaxed fabrics are better, though British styles work as well. Single-breasted jackets work the best. Double-breasted jacket will make you look rounder. Flat front slacks or single pleat slacks are fine. Consider flannel, wool and cashmere, soft herringbone, soft twill fabrics. Your best patterns are chalk stripes, bird’s eye, medium weight tweed. Avoid fitted close fitting shirts and jackets. ??If you have questions about the above, please ask. Whether you are a current Bryn Keith customer or shop elsewhere and are curious if what your tailor or sales consultant is doing you, we are here to help. Local or outside the DC-Metro, we are only a phone call away. Contact Us.