Ladies Make it Blaze

I have noticed that our past tips have had the tone of targeting to our more masculine clientele.  I would like to take a moment to apologize to the beautiful ladies of Bryn Keith, and in the attempt to woo you infectiously, this tip is specifically and especially for you.

Men, that doesn’t mean that you are exempt from reading.  First and foremost any knowledge I spread is truly meant for all.  Secondly, anything that is said here, you are more than welcome to rephrase and reinterpret as your own, to assist your sisters, girlfriends, mothers, and wives.  I promise not to take credit for the praises that you WILL receive.  All I ask in return is a trip to the shop for a quick ‘Thank You’ and we’ll be even (While you’re here, you might as well pick up a tie or two, a Tai shamballa bracelet, cuff links, braces, suspenders… You know, just a few things for summer.)

Now, back to my ladies…

I have noticed the level of pride and adoration that women carry when they put together the perfect ensemble: the figure flattering blouse, slacks or skirt is tailored to perfection, and the heels!  My goodness, the heels are essentially the punctuation at the end of the sentence!  I have not forgotten the much thought about accessories that women so eloquently add to their looks- cufflinks, bracelets, or the perfect combination of earrings with just the right necklace really set an outfit into motion.  However, keep in mind that while accessories add to your look, a simple core component may make the look pop.

Here it is (fellas, pay attention)!  Just as a scarf can add to the sophistication of your clothing, so can a blazer. I already know what you are thinking. “But Bryn, it’s summer time, isn’t that a bit much?” and “Aren’t blazers for guys?”  I’m glad you asked.  Answer: Heck no! With the fabrics we carry, woven, specifically for spring and summer, you both be and look cool!  If you think blazers make guys look sharp, trust us, a tailored blazer can elevate the level of sexiness for women.  The addition of a blazer is not only a confident approach to completing an outfit, but it possesses the ability to create multiple looks for your existing wardrobe.  A simple and classic two or three button blazer can really express your sense of style while not drawing too much attention- not everyone can be Lady Gaga.  A blazer can take your clothing to another level whether wearing it with a pair of nice slacks, a form fitted pencil skirt, or even you favorite jeans.

Change up the game.  Throw on a pair of skinny leg jeans, casual capri pants, or maybe a free flowing skirt.  Add to that a v-neck short sleeve shirt or a brightly colored tank and a darted blazer with a three quarter length sleeve.  Keep the accessories you already wear, watch the heads turn and the endorsing nods.

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