In Store

Do you want a place to hang clothes or a closet? A closet can be a place to hide your clothes for some random future use. Or a closet can be a place to house your wardrobe until the occasion warrants a particular look. Bryn Keith will make entering your closet an experience.

For those that have little time to shop, just aren’t interested, or want help from someone not associated with a commission, our personal shoppers are available. We recognize that custom clothing isn’t always an option, in those cases; we assist our clients with need identification and fulfillment.

To ensure that the wardrobe we build speaks to your lifestyle and aspirations; we take the time to learn about you, both personally and professionally. Consultations are conducted in your home, office or at a Bryn Keith Clothing location.

For those who believe in the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we create style pictorials predicated on your style consultation. The assessment describes the appropriate wardrobe considerations coupled with the occasion they should be worn. SAMPLE 

Alterations, performed by master tailors, are an integral part of our service. We alter our own pieces as well as those purchased elsewhere.