How Deep are Your Drawers

Many of us spend more waking hours at the office than anywhere else.  Given that is the unfortunate case, there are some must haves that should be at your fingertips.  Granted ladies keep some of the mentioned desk mates in their purses, not all of what we suggest fits.  Gents, leave the fanny packs/ waist baskets in the 80’s!  Your top desk drawer or one of the rarely used side drawers are great places to create a small home away from home.  We keep some of the below in ours:

Gum/ Mints:  This one is easy- dry mouth, intense lunch, and eye-tearing halitosis.  This is easy to share this with the officemate that won’t avoid onion laden salads at lunch.

Perfume/ Cologne:  Long days, longer nights, refreshing for happy hour… a travel size or the free samples they gladly dispense at department stores is all you need.

Lotion:  Chronic hand washing (and alcohol-based hand sanitizers) dries the hands.  Keep your hands moisturized and soft- leave the crocodile feel to the feet you ignored all winter.

Tooth brush/paste:  Fresh breath is good for business- much more effective than gum and approved by 9 out of 10 dentists.

Nail Clippers/ File:  Quick mend for broken nails, long nails, dirt under the nails, hang nails…

Safety Pins:  This is one of the best tools ever!  Break the tab on your zipper?  Gap in your blouse?  Lose a button?  Need a weapon that won’t get you accosted by security?

Granola Bar/ Snacks:  I know I turn into a monster when I need to eat and can’t get to food fast enough.  Sometimes, lunch has to be pushed because a deliverable supersedes your need for a bite.

Cash:  I’m not saying keep $50 in your desk.  If it’s only a few dollars in quarters it could come in handy.  (See gum and snacks justifications.)

Bryn Keith business cards:  You need a reason, really!?!?