Face the Facts

Though our business is to serve customers from the neck down, it’s time we address what’s above the collar. In the next several additions to Savoir Faire, we will bring you our insights on what seals the deal when people first look at you. Keep in mind that shirts, blouses, suit collars, and accessories are designed to frame your face- that’s right, your face. If you are going to invest in what you wear, to present the best looking you, then you should duly invest the same time and effort in making a good looking you.

Stop, stop, stop using the same soap that you use on your body on your face, especially if it’s a deodorant soap. Don’t you think the same soap that’s strong enough to unfunk your feet after a day locked in leather shoes might be a little harsh on your skin lips and eye lids? If not, keep in mind that the soap scum you clean off of your shower walls is what you’re using to cleanse your face. The very best way to care for your face is by using products designed specifically for your skin.

Step 1: Wash

Most bar soaps tend to be too harsh for the face and strip off the protective oils that your face naturally produces. Your face should not be squeaky clean, yet soft, smooth and supple. By using the right cleanser you will ultimately do less damage leaving the natural oils, decrease the chance of causing skin irritation resulting in rashes, and improve your overall complexion. Also, in using a cleanser designed for your skin type, shaving (for men and a few ladies) becomes a little easier. This is due to having an appropriate cleanser that softens your face and stubble/ beard allowing the razor to glide with less facial irritation. You should use a facial cleanser, daily.

Step 2: Exfoliate

It’s not a coincidence that women exfoliate their faces. Exfoliation is a mild facial ‘scrub’ that safely and gently removes dry dead skin from you face—leaving your skin looking fresher and in some cases younger. As the season and air change; your body naturally begins to prepare for the cold weather, your face especially. Many people find that parts of their face are dryer now than the spring and summer months, not to mention their scalps. For some skin types exfoliating safely removes dead skin without stripping those natural oils your face produces. The number of times you should exfoliate per week is dependent on your skin type and condition. Our resident skin doc cautions, that while exfoliating can improve the appearance of your skin, it can also be overdone. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

Step 3: Moisturize

Adding a layer of moisture after cleansing helps maintain the ‘high-pro glow’ that proper cleansing and exfoliation provides. It also helps to lock in the moisture that your face naturally produces. Much like your body soap, the moisturizer you use on your body (and YES you should us a body moisturizer) maybe too heavy for your face. Look for moisturizers that are labeled “for face” or “non-comedogenic” (which means it will not clog pores). Look for facial moisturizers that are at least SPF 15 or 30. Applying facial moisturizer is not an exact science; you should apply enough moisturizer that your face doesn’t feel tight. Yet, if your face looks greased for a few rounds with Floyd Mayweather, then it’s a bit too much.

If you have questions about facial care or need suggestions in determining and selecting the right products and regiment for you, please contact us. Our licensed dermatologist, Dr. B, is on stand-by to answer any skin questions you send our way.

You only get one face to work with, do what it takes so that it works with you!