10 Rules of 21st-Century Business Casual

Esquire {The} Big Black Book 2008: The Style Manual for Successful Men

  1. Thou shalt not wear a polo shirt to work, especially an orange one.
  2. Thou shalt reduce the number of pleats in your khakis to one on each side. But only if your thighs need them.
  3. Thou shalt covet a well-cut blazer. And well-cut blazer really needs shirt cuffs sticking out the sleeves.
  4. While you’re nice and comfortable in your khakis, the hungry-looking kid in the lean suit is getting the promotion.
  5. We have nothing against short-sleeved shirts in the workplace, per se. Just make sure to wear the matching hat while salting the fries.
  6. If you’re wearing sneakers to work, no number of big deals or killer saves will make up for the fact that you are, in fact, wearing sneakers.
  7. No logos, no mantras, and no ironic slogans. Your coworkers and clients do not need to know your team allegiances, your thoughts on the president, or your plan to drink till she’s cute.
  8. Dress every morning as if you’re going to get promoted or fired. You’ll want to look your best.
  9. No one is going to trust you to take care of their money if you can’t even take care of yourself.
  10. You can dress like you’re retired only when you’re actually retired. For now, you’re getting dressed for work, sonny.